Personal Training

We all need a personal plan to reach our individual goals. First we determine your dream then we build your health to support the dream. It is as dynamic as you are. The demands evolve as you achieve one mountain top and set out for the next. 

When you know where you want to go, the path becomes clear. What you want for yourself, I want for you.

Personal Training Sessions cover:

  • Fat loss
  • Resistance training for strength, hypertrophy (muscle gain)
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Cardiovascular training for fitness
  • Nutrition planning
  • Sports specific conditioning/ strength training
  • Physical assessment

My Services

I base my exercise programs on the training and teachings of the world-renowned CHEK Institute. Committed to a holistic approach CHEK Practitioners are widely-recognized as the finest and most highly trained exercise therapists, strength & conditioning specialists and nutrition and lifestyle coaches in the world! I am proud to have earned the qualification and be surrounded by the global support it provides. The CHEK approach to corrective exercise can assist you to overcome the following conditions:

  • Back Pain 
  • Weight Gain
  • Chronic Injuries 
  • Poor Posture 
  • Joint Pain 
  • Weight Loss 
  • Osteoporosis 
  • Chronic Stress 
  • Inflammation
  • Poor Sleep Habits
  • Low Testosterone

Your journey 

Your holistic journey begins with an assessment of your current physical, emotional and mental condition. Your 'diet' including what you watch, what you believe and how you bring energy into your body. 

I will then design a corrective exercise program to not only address any pain you are experiencing but to focus on the underlying cause of these dysfunctions. The program will enable you to restore optimal health and vitality. 

I will have you complete a series of questionnaires. These can all be done via my website. After you have completed your questionnaires, I will review them and contact you to set-up a comprehensive postural assessment. 

Now we'll address your goals. After we know where you want to go, I will design a custom exercise program. You will receive an easy-to-follow detailed description of your exercise program. This information along with video clips of each of your exercises is all available for you to view via my website.